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Finally Fall!

We are a little backwards here in New Orleans. Okay, okay—I can hear the snickering from here, but we don’t have a whole lot going on in the summer. Once October rolls around though, the weather starts to cool, and it’s non-stop fun until the following June. Some of that fun enjoys beverages and so one might want a tray for glasses, napkins, ice, etc. Plum has lots of great ones along with flasks (not that you are ever very far from a drink here, but some of you might not be so lucky where you live), napkins, bar towels and pretty much everything else the entertainer might need. (Sorry K & B gin is not for sale).

September 24th-30th is Banned Book week. To celebrate the joy of reading and our freedom to read what we choose, Plum will donate 10% of all our profits this week to the Friends of the New Orleans Public Library. Check them out, donate, and/or join at